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What science reveals about the importance of travel

Perhaps you’ve felt it when hiking in the woods nearby on a Saturday morning, or perhaps you’ve felt it when watching little lion cubs cuddle with their moms under the wide blue skies of the Serengeti; the feeling I’m talking about is of – awe and wonder: that deep feeling of unity that rises like a phoenix from the bottoms of our souls – at the magic of our world.

Science shows that experiencing awe and wonder is not only key to improving our mood and happiness, and key to lowering stress and cellular inflammation, but interestingly key to kinship. Awe causes the release of oxytocin, the bonding hormone, which makes us feel warm, close, and connected with others. Awe humbles us and makes us appreciate our inter-dependence and makes us kinder and more patient. Awe makes us generous and altruistic.

So, should we take out time each day for an awe-inspiring experience? Science says, yes.

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