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Marry Me

Joni Moss-Graham of LV Wedding Connection in Las Vegas didn’t give up during the worst of the pandemic. She invented new wedding planning services – to help you propose to that special one or to renew your vows.

For Joni Moss-Graham of LV Wedding Connection, the pandemic forced her to think of “new lanes” as she calls it, to add to her wedding planning services in Las Vegas. She created new packages for you to choose from, to propose to that special one, in memorable settings in and around Las Vegas. Her “Marry Me” package starts with getting picked up by a limo and taken to a lovely dinner for two as the lights flash “Marry Me,” taking your loved one completely by surprise. Or take your partner on a sunset helicopter ride to a bluff overlooking the lights of Las Vegas for a champagne proposal. Joni will help you find a unique setting to delight your partner!

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