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Non-Vacationers are Less Likely to Get a Raise or to Get Promoted

Vacations improve health and well-being and on the other side of the coin also result in salary increases. In “The State of American Vacation 2017,” researchers found that over 80 percent of managers agreed that when employees took vacations, it improved their health and well-being, boosted morale and alleviated burnout. Managers also believed in the benefits to the organization; 78 percent said that vacation improves employees’ focus upon return, 70 percent agreed it renewed employees’ commitment to their job and 64 percent felt it made employees more willing to put in long hours when needed.

Employees who forfeited vacation days did not perform as well as those who used all their vacation days. Forfeiters were less likely to have been promoted (23 percent to 27 percent) and to have received a raise or bonus in the last three years (78 percent to 84 percent). Forfeiters also reported feeling more stressed with work (74 percent to 68 percent).

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