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TravelMyHeart™ is a new, exciting, global community and platform for travel enthusiasts.

Our innovative community and platform intuitively maps to travelers’ decision-making, making travel planning fast and fun, so more people travel more often.

Travelers use TravelMyHeart to discover, plan and book new and exciting vacations – places to travel to, things to see and do, places to to stay and eat at, and other leisure, entertainment and travel products and services – right when they are making travel decisions, helping you make more sales and build your business.

If you provide tours, activities, attractions, lodging, restaurants, shows, visitor centers, and other travel-related services, we invite you to become an official TravelMyHeart Partner and list on TravelMyHeart, to generate more sales and build your business.


Partner and List in the TravelMyHeart Community and Platform

Reach More Customers and Make More Sales

  • Direct sales
  • Own the customer relationship
  • Also reach travel advisors
  • Make higher margins

“As the Director of Partnership Sales, I am tasked with finding viable distribution channels to help promote our brand and sell our activities. Coming across a site like TravelMyHeart was like finding a gold mine. We are able to receive direct bookings through all of the marketing efforts that Alpa works so diligently to put together each month, I truly appreciate working with her and her team!” — J. Payne, SPEEDVEGAS

Get Full Brand Exposure

  • Display full company & product info, giving your brand full visibility
  • Get an SEO boost
  • Engage customers at the top of the funnel

“As a small business, acquiring new customers is critical to the sustainability of my business. I love TravelMyHeart because it helps me get in front of new customers simply and affordably. I highly encourage you to join!” — J. Graham, LV Wedding Connection

Very Low Costs

  • We create all the content; all you have to do is approve it
  • Personalized one-on-one support 24×7
  • Very low early bird special rates

“TravelMyHeart promises to be a terrific publicity tool for outfitters and agents, and a timesaving resource for travelers. They bring together a community around a common purpose—personalized travel with meaning. TravelMyHeart does the work of entering details about my tour company in their searchable database to reach a wider audience of appropriate travelers. They then help to promote it, all for a very reasonable sum. It’s the deal of the century!” — V. Callahan, Sea Kayak Baja Mexico

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