Frequently Asked Questions

What is TravelMyHeart?

TravelMyHeart helps you discover the magic of the world. Discover new places to travel to and new things to see and do – that you may not have thought of – by choosing your flight budget or driving distance, weather preference, and interests. Book directly at commission-free prices, so you get the best deal.

  • With our powerful, next-generation search platform, search by criteria most important to your decision-making – by flight budget or driving distance, weather preference and interests, or if you know where you want to go – search by city or country.
  • Discover top attractions and activities, and off-the-beaten-path gems and get extremely high-quality information about them.
  • Find areas to travel to, not just single destinations, so you don’t return disappointed at having missed out.
  • Save hours of research time, as we tell you which nearby airport offers the best flight deal.
  • Get information about jet lag, visas, currency, safety, vaccinations and health, all at your fingertips.
  • Save money by booking tours and activities directly at commission-free prices, from local tour and activity operators, who offer the best deals and on-the-ground, local expertise, and who are otherwise impossible to find. Ask for special services personalized for you.
  • Book flights and hotels at some of the lowest prices available.
  • Stay organized by creating itineraries with automatically-generated maps; add personal notes, recommendations from friends, information from your research, and copy and paste booking confirmations, etc.; and share them.
  • Easily visualize on a map the locations of the attractions and activities you have saved to your itinerary, so you may book a hotel in proximity to them, reducing your transportation costs.

Will I get the best prices?

Yes, you will receive the best prices on your bookings. This is because we connect you directly with local travel operators who offer the best deals and on-the-ground expertise. It is in their best interest to give you the best deal because they don’t want to lose your booking. And, as we don’t charge them or you a commission, we help create win-win connections: you win and they win. You can also request services personalized for you and additional benefits.

Who provides customer service for cancellations, refunds or changes? Who solves problems we may have?

All customer service is handled directly by travel operators. Your contract is between you and the travel operator.

How do I change my email address and password?

You can change your email address by accessing Settings, after logging into TravelMyHeart. To change your password, please use the “Forgot Password” link during login.

I am not seeing some Destinations, Things to See, Things to Do, Airports, and Hotels that I had saved to “My Saved Trips.” Why is this?

Certain things to see, things to do, airports, and hotels may have permanently closed. In this case, for your convenience, we automatically hide them from your Saved Trips. In the future, we plan to provide you with alternative recommendations. Remain assured that we do not hide or delete notes that you have created.