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Sail the World’s Aquarium to Enhance your Creativity

Sail the “World’s Aquarium”


Jacques Cousteau called Mexico’s legendary Sea or Cortez, “the world’s aquarium” and the “Galapagos of the North.” The UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the most biologically diverse bodies of water on the planet, home to 39 percent of the world’s marine mammal species and 891 fish species.



Dolphins, manta rays, sea lions, turtles, whale sharks, whales and more share the sparkling, clear water with a kaleidoscope of colorful tropical fish like the rainbow wrasse and butterflyfish which swarm around mounds of golden coral. Bird species include Blue-footed Boobies, Reddish Egrets, Great Blue Herons and Yellow-footed Gulls. This rich sea is in stark contrast to the forbidding desert at its edge. Sunsets paint the sea in all the colors of red, giving way to star-studded nights.

Espiritu Santo National Park comprises three islands in the Sea of Cortez, Isla Partida, Los Islotes and Espiritu Santo. The islands are stunning, with magnificent towering cliffs, spectacular sandy bays, amazing lava rock formations, and rock art left by the now-extinct Guaycura and Pericu Indians. Espiritu Santo’s Ensenada Grande Beach was named one of the 27 most beautiful beaches in the world by Forbes magazine in 2017.

Planning Tips

International Travel Enhances Creativity

Cognitive flexibility is the mind’s ability to jump between different ideas, a key component of creativity. It is enhanced through international travel. New sounds, smells, language, tastes, sensations, sights, interactions, and immersion and engagement create new neural pathways in the brain, sparking creativity.

In an interesting study by Columbia Business School professor Adam Galinsky, fashion brands whose creative directors had lived and worked in other countries produced creative innovations more consistently as rated by a pool of trade journalists and independent buyers.

The state of Baja California Sur in Mexico offers other great attractions.

Sanctuary of the Gray Whale in San Ignacio Lagoon


A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Sanctuary of the Gray Whale protects the winter habitat of the eastern North Pacific gray whales. Named “ballenas amistosas” or friendly whales, by local fishermen the whales come close to the boats due to their curious and gentle nature.

Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park


Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park in the Sea of Cortez is surrounded by undeveloped desert and a stunning mountain range. Its pristine beaches give way to a shallow bay that cradles one of three living reefs and the only hard coral reef in North America. The water is clear, the fish a kaleidoscope of colors and the snorkeling experience eye-popping. Excursions cover Mermaid Beach, the Sea Lion Colony, Las Navajas Reef and deep water snorkeling with Manta Rays, Jacks and Whales.

Balandra Beach


Balandra Beach in La Paz is home to the famous Hongo, a rock sustained by a narrow pillar which looks like a mushroom, which was formed by erosion from waves. Miles of pristine white sand and clear and shallow water is perfect for a family. The shallow waters of Balandra Bay make it possible to walk from Balandra Beach to one of the deserted beaches on the opposite side of the bay and to the south, across the small area of rocks to a large and deserted beach.

Downtown San Jose Del Cabo


Colonial San Jose del Cabo was founded in 1730 with the establishment of the San Jose del Cabo Anuti Mission. The traditional historic, UNESCO-listed downtown features cobblestone streets, colonial mansions, and beautiful old trees. A good place to start your tour is in the heart of downtown San Jose del Cabo, at the charming main square, called Mijares Plaza, the tree-filled central square with it’s attractive bandstand and outdoor amphitheater where a variety of cultural events are staged. You’ll find restaurants, art galleries, jewelry stores and shops.

Planning Tips

Fly into La Paz to access the Sea of Cortez and its islands. La Paz offers tours of the Sea of Cortez as well as tours to the Sanctuary of the Gray Whale, Cabo Pulmo National Park and San Jose del Cabo.

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