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The Value of Travel Agents

A fundamental question that lies at the root of happiness or contentment is how we spend our time.

Claremont Graduate University’s Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Management, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, suggests we spend it on activities that put us in “flow,” activities we lose ourselves in doing.

Dr. Robert Waldinger, Clinical Psychology Professor at Harvard University suggests we spend it with friends and family who have positive regard for us.

New York Times bestselling author of “Lost Connections” Johann Hari, suggests we spend it in nature.

An interesting 2017 study on millennials in the UK by Make It Cheaper found that 56 percent pay for up to 10 professional services each month in order to save time. And 33 percent of U.S. millennials planned to use a travel agent in 2017, according to MMGY.

All Celebrity Travel’s Joshua Dean and Richard Fix find that “Millennials have a joy of life. And while they are highly connected to friends and family over the Internet, they prefer to outsource mundane tasks such as travel bookings.” And as travel agents offer similar great deals plus extras which aren’t widely available, All Celebrity Travel’s business has grown. Joshua Dean at All Celebrity Travel goes on to say, “Travel agents take away the headache without increasing the cost. And, when things go wrong, they have the clout to fix things properly, particularly for more complex itineraries when multiple people are traveling to multiple destinations.”

How we spend our time and more specifically, what can we outsource, are fundamental questions for achieving happiness and contentment, because even if we could do it all, should we be?

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